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Fifth daughter of E. Blair and Mary L. Waite

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"THE FAMILY CHRONICLE" was published regularly for 12 years many of the years it was monthly. My father has scanned these and created PDF files so other family members can read and enjoy them. There are 75 issues over 12 years containing 600 pages in all. Select the year below to see the issues available for that year. You will need the Adobe Reader to view these files. It can be downloaded free.

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Connie Waite (1989)
A rare photo of Connie Waite she was usually behind the camera. This is in Dayton around 1989.

As we begin the publication of this nice little family newspaper, THE FAMILY CHRONICLE, we would like to tell you something about it. It seems the editor Connie Waite, went out and spent some money on a computer and now has to find some use for it. Well...this is one of its uses. The printing of a family paper. Its purpose is to delight, enlighten, and generally give you some interesting and amusing facts and maybe hearsay about our family.

In the coming issues we plan to focus on various members of the family (past and present).

We will be publishing some poems written by Ruth Wyant. They are quite good and often reflect on members of the family and other things in general.

Also in the coming issues we shall be publishing a book written by Edson Waite Jr. of his personal experiences during his service with U.S. Navy, The book is entitled "WHAT DID I SEE? THE SEA OF COURSE" Its funny, heartwarming and very entertaining. you'll want to read every chapter. We will offer the GOOD NEWS column and NEW ARRIVALS on a regular basis. The SEARCH-A-WORD will also be a monthly item.

Connie Waite, Editor

If you are interested in the family check out the Family Tree.
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The Family Tree is a web based program hosted on our family web site that uses information gathered by Edson B Waite Jr, and other family members over many many years. Without creating an account you can look around and see much of the information. You will not be able to see information on the living family members unless you register for an account.

When registering for an account you will be asked a couple questions so that we the administrators will know who you are and can customize your experience. The accounts can have 5 levels varying from Basic Access to Editing to Administration. It is our hope that eventually several people from different branches of the tree will be able to edit and add information, to help keep the tree growing tall and wide.

(in Memory of Mary Levina Holt (1904-1968))

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