My web page would not be complete without a few words about those organizations whose work I support financially or otherwise. Probably my longest running effort is with the Dayton Community Blood Center. I began donating blood while still in the Navy and I have continued throughout the years. In the early years my donations were very sporadic as I was out of town a great deal of the time. However, I persisted, and my number stands in excess of 200 pints. I now donate every 8 to 10 weeks at the local center. I have made the leap beyond 25 gallons as of June 2006. Now I guess I am going to have to set a new goal of 30 gallons. No one in the Dayton area has ever made it to 30 gallons. There are 2 donors with more donations of whole blood locally, but I can eventually overtake them if my health remains good. I have also been typed for their bone marrow listing. Perhaps someday I will be a match for some ailing soul.

I have been a supporter of the U.S. Shooting Team for very many years. At least twenty as I can recall. I have supported them through several Olympic cycles and will continue to do so as long as I am able. The past Olympics saw our trap shooters doing very well, winning gold and silver and bronze. I had the opportunity to meet all three of the medalists at the Grand American Trap shoot in Vandalia, Ohio, in 1996 while volunteering at the NRA booth.

Wildlife Forever caught my eye when I became a member of the North American Hunting Club. This group uses my donations to match other funds to do good works for all wildlife, from habitat acquisition and restoration, to all forms of wildlife research. This seems to be a very good organization.

The Red Cross Food Banks are also high on my list of worthwhile charities, and as I am able I have donated money to them and have on a couple of occasions had the chance to get surplus venison from the DNR (confiscated deer) processed by a local meat market and then donated to the food bank.

Finally, there is the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation, (BADF) mentioned elsewhere in this web page. Since I am so involved with the Buckmasters Organization, it would stand to reason that I would be involved here also. Please check my pages regarding Buckmasters, or use this link.