This site has one purpose and that is to promote and make available to the public, information relating to children’s books and periodicals which are pro-hunting and pro-fishing. Most of the original information on this page was garnered from an article in the NRA Publication, American Hunter, (June 1998) written by Liz Chapman.

If you have visited any of my other pages, you know that I am very pro-hunting... I found the Chapman article very informative and felt that it needed wider distribution and access to the hunting public in general, thus, this web page.

“The message that most children’s literature delivers about hunting is a negative one. In the world of currently available children’s books, hunters orphan baby animals, enjoy killing for its own sake, force dogs to retrieve dead birds against their will, are greedy and dim-witted and have no respect or love for wildlife. Against this backdrop, parents who hunt are often forced to explain to their children that they are not mean, stupid, or thoughtless like the ‘hunters’ portrayed in children’s books.” Chapman continues, “Parents who hunt are acutely aware of the uncomfortable situation they are put in by much of today’s literature for children. ‘Fighting against what kids perceive to be the truth through books and TV and other media, too-is an uphill battle,’ says my husband the hunter and father. ‘It takes thoughtful, sensitive explanation-lots of them’.“

“That explanation should counter such media slander as the view of hunters as antisocial loners. The truth, of course, is that hunters pursue their sport to get close to the natural world and to enjoy outdoor experiences with family and friends. Hunting emphasizes strong social ties.” Stated Chapman.

HELP ! If you know of any other books which should be on these pages, please email me immediately so that I may research the book and then get the pertinent information On-line.

If you are an aspiring author, this is a very interesting market and opportunities do exist. The market may be hard to penetrate if you are an unpublished author, as this may be politically incorrect in the publishing industry. However, I do believe that there are enough hunting families out there to make the effort worthwhile, also there are thousands of public libraries and school libraries needing to offer the other (pro-hunting) side.

As Liz Chapman states so well in her article, It must be us, the hunters who promote these books to our schools and libraries. We must ask the schools and public libraries to make these books available to their constituents, even if we (pro-hunters) must actually purchase and donate these books. Other fine places to place these books are day care centers and pre-schools.

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