I raise rabbits mostly for fun, there is little profit as I am not big enough to raise the volume which would generate real income. I have, on any given day, about 70-75 rabbits. They cumulatively consume about 5000 pounds of food per year. I have a wide variety of breeds as I take in orphans from the community, (when people no longer want their pet). I do not breed for purity, I breed for volume. Most rabbits are sold for use as food, either for people or ???. Therefore good genetics and volume are the main stays of my business.

My rabbitry is set up such that about one hour each day will clean and sanitize the whole place. You see, my rabbitry is located in my enclosed car port next to my garage.  I live in a suburban neighborhood and it is imperative that all odors be controlled so as not to offend the neighbors.

I have ten pens for my breeder does and four pens for my breeder bucks. I also have four nest boxes or as I call them maternity wards. I breed one doe each Friday and Saturday (twice for good measure).  Then 31 days later (Monday) she will deliver if the mating was successful. Hence I have one new litter each week and with four maternity wards, there is always one ready to be cleaned and reoccupied by the next doe. I try to keep 14 breeder does but usually only have 12 or 13 that are breeding age. I generally keep a doe for 2 1/2 years, and breed her every 12-13 weeks (the cycle of 12-13 does which I keep). I pick new does from recent litters that meet my criteria for breeders, i.e., good coloring and large healthy litters.

I keep a variety of breeds, for when they are cross-bred I get a wide variety of colors, patterns, and new breeds. This is especially helpful when selling rabbits as pets. I have many color combinations for the buyers, who are mostly children. I keep the rabbits for a maximum of 13 weeks (the number of rearing pens in my rabbitry). Any rabbits remaining at the end of thirteen weeks are then butchered and sold to a long list of customers who are always waiting.

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