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Edson Jr. & Pam Waite

Hi, I am Edson Waite III,

I was born July, 15 1964 in Norfolk, VA. My parents Edson and Pam Waite met while my father was stationed in New Zealand. He was on duty as a photographer in the U.S. Navy's "Operation Deep Freeze". My mother was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. After they were married they moved to Norfolk VA were my father completed his enlistment. We then moved to DuBois, PA where my father was born and raised, but only stayed briefly before moving to Dayton, OH in search of better career opportunities. My brother, Daniel Waite was born in September 1969.

In 1969 I began attending Mad River Township Schools. I graduated from Walter E. Stebbins High School in May 1982. During much of this time I had a lawn care business, sometimes with upwards of 30 customers. As I have grown older the lawn care business has dropped in importance, but I still continue to mow for a select few. After graduation I began working in the printing industry. My first job was at The Print Shop, where I operated small presses (Multilith and A.B. Dick) as well as bindery equipment. In September 1984, I moved on to Central Printing Company (a large commercial printer) as a Proof Reader. Within 6 months I moved into an apprenticeship in Lithostripping. I departed from Central Printing in October 1992 and spent the next 8 months looking for a job. This was a very difficult period in my life I had just purchased a home 6 months earlier and without the help of my family and friends, I may not have been able to make it. During my time at Central Printing I attended Sinclair Community College on a part time basis, I am still several quarters from obtaining a degree. My interests in school included: Accounting, Computers, Economics, Marketing, and Management. In June of 1993 I began working Progressive Printers Inc. I remained at Progressive Printers until March of 1999.

Since then I have worked for Concept Imaging Group. Currently I am 3rd shift Lithostripper/Platemaker. I am slowly learning desktop publishing and spend some time in the computer department. Our computer department which consists of mostly Macintosh Computers is somewhat of a change from the PC based machine I have at home. However the software works much the same and with Windows 95-98-2000 the environments are very similar.

IBM PS2 Model 25
IBM PS2 Model 25

I purchased my first computer in 1984 it was an IBM PS2 Model 25 with a 20meg hard drive and 640k of RAM. (But it was not upgradable) I continued to use this machine until 1995, when I moved up to a 486SX with a 400meg hard drive and 8 meg of RAM. I have since moved to a Pentium II (266) - III - Pentium 4 (3.2GHz) with all the bells and whistles. Boy have computers and monitors come a long way, I am looking at new computers now (12-2010) with 8-16gig of RAM and 1-1.5 TB hard drives and 23" flat panel touch screens who would have thought.

In September 1995 my fiancee Rose Kleiner and her two children Sarah Yeary (1970) and Aaron Rose (1971) moved in with me, we were married October 21, 1995. We were married through March 1998.

In January 1997, I began attending computer classes at New Horizon Computer Training Center. Most of the classes I have taken up till now pertain to software titles we use at work such as: Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator and Quark Express. In March 1997 I began reading and learning how to build web pages. I Created The Waite Group as a place to build and house our web site and a name to use on other site I create. I am currently building and maintaining sites for my father (Dads House), and myself (Ed's Place). I hope to generate enough income building and maintaining web sites to keep my computer and software up to date, as well as continue my computer courses. Eventual I hope to complete a Microsoft Certification Program and become a MSCE and move into a computer related field such as Network Administration.  
In October 1998, I began studying for Windows NT 4.0 MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) Certification using a computer based training program by United Education Centers Inc. I have since thrown in the towel on the home study I found it to be to difficult to resolve problems. And e-mail support was not the way to go. I began attending Miami Jacobs in February 2000, Taking a Network Diploma program which includes A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, and MCSE Certification. I attended school 4 days a week, 4 hours a day, for 15 months. After completeing each of the 8 quarter length classes we would take certification tests. I passed all of my Certification tests and got my MCPand later my MCSE on March 12, 2001. After completeing my Certifications I looked for a job in the field but couldn't find anything that could compete with my current income at Concept Imaging so I never endevoured into the field.

MCSE Certification Card
(With this and a Dollar I still
can't buy a Coke)

Some time in 2002 I was laid off at Concept Imaging and joined the Carpenters Union as an apprentice carpenter, this was a change of pace but also a hassle and a life experience dealing with the Union thing (worst part of the job). I worked for a couple companies while working as a carpenter and worked on several inteesting projects but this was a short lived career at least for now who knows maybe I will do it again someday.

In October 2002 while on my way home from work a car pulled out infront of me on my motorcyle and "CRASH". I had my face smashed and arm broken as well as totaling my motorcycle. This kept me from working for about 6 months. I ended up having a metal plate put in my wrist and surgery to repair my nose and sinus cavities. When I finally returned to work it was with J. L. Kuck in Englewood. They do all kinds of general contracting, I learned a lot while working for them but again the Union Crap came into play. I continued my employement with them until I was laid off in the winter 2003/04.

When Spring came I decided to go into business for myself Ed's Lawncare and Property Maintenance was born. Since then I have aquired several large commercial mowers and a Snow Plow for my truck. Business has been pretty good and the flexability of my work schedule is great best of all NO UNION CRAP. I currently have about 40 lawn customers and 20 snow customers, as well as several rental houses that I take care of.

In the summer of 2007 I began dating Lori Price a childhood friend, she had lived next door for at least 10 years, being several years younger she had always hung out with my younger brother and his age group friends. We got engaged in December 2007 during a snow storm. After this she began planning our outdoor wedding August 30.2008. Since then she has taken over the house, and I now live in the garage. In December 2008 we adopted a puppy "Buster" who is now the ruler of our house.

Thank you for Visiting, Enjoy

Edson III & Lori Waite
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