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"Everyone one has an old piano in their basement you can have if you move it."
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A shot with the doors open a view into the future of this project (12-11-2009)
I also built a bench While I had nothing else to Do.
Built out of solid oak the only screws are in the
piano hinge, everything is glued biscuited
or pinned. I have about 15 hours
in the project.
The finish is just slightly lighter then the piano
but being made of different wood I guess
that can be expected.
The material cost was about $120

Putting the pieces back together, Moving this beast almost got the best of
my father and I, it must weigh 700lbs. (1-2-2010)

Looking Good but lots of internal work to go. One Step at a time. My work is seasonal and
now is not the season, I have time on my hands but no MONEY.

The only thing left to do on the cabinet is the name board logo. I have a really good
digital file but I'm sure yet how I am going to handle the logo itself. (1-2-2010)

I really need to make Caster Cups next, it kept wanting to roll off my boards.
These are only temporary to protect the carpet. (1-2-2010)

This shot shows the color real well, it came out a little darker then I wanted. I stayed with the original color after I stripped off the laquer (Antique Red) it took several coats to get everything to match.

The Solid Brass knobs came from they have every kind
of brass knob imaginable. (1-2-2010)

My first lesson is scheduled for next Friday and all I have to do is fix her and her husband dinner.

I have a tuner scheduled for Feb 16th.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
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