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"Everyone one has an old piano in their basement you can have if you move it."
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My Fisrt Piano Book (Provided by my Teacher)

Well the first lesson is in the bag, I'm in way over my head. (1-8-2010)
I've started on the Action,
Well I did now I've stopped until I get new Hammers.

I have a couple keys that aren't working, so in I go to find out why. Turns out the Butt Felt is missing. Of course I don't have any BUtt Felt around so I have to order it. I fixed a few using scraps of Back Rail Cloth. While I have it apart I might as well start on resurfacing the hammers. (1-19-2010)

The little piece of Green Felt is the Hammer Butt Cloth (Back Rail Cloth)
Also had to replace a broken "Let Off Regulating Screw" what a pain getting the broken one out.

This really is organized I have them numbered too. ( Took 2 shots to get me smiling) (1-19-2010)

Reshaping hammers with Buster at my side waiting to play fetch with anything that might fall off the table. Notice book in the background for reference and cell phone incase I need to call for help.

They look like new, I took about an 3/16" off the face of these.

Much easier to take several off at a time then to strugle working one at at time. (1-19-2010)

Also going to fix the last double damper on the left. eventually I am going to replace the dampers. (Everything costs money) (1-20-2010)

Little spring clamps work well for holding Butt Felt in place while glue sets. (1-20-2010)

Look like new. (1-20-2010)

This is what they looked like before I started.


WOW!!! what a difference. Hope they sound better too. At least they all work now. (1-20-2010)

The 2 missing hammers are tomorrow nights project. I also had to replace a "Hammer Butt Spring" circled in blue. This is what pushes the hammer back to its resting position. It took a long to get one off the old action as it did to figure out how to replace it. It is a small wire spring that goes through the 'Spring Rail" and bends flat behind the felt. (1-20-2010)

These hammers had been replaced sometime in the past with hammers that were much smaller then the original hammers were. I have an old action for spare parts, so I took a couple hammers from it. Now I have to get the old hammers off the "Hammer Shanks" and get the new hammers on keeping the same angles so they hit the strings correctly. This was a larger task then I thought, there is a tool for this and if you are going to do it much it might be worth buying. Trying to drill these was quite interesting good thing I had extras it took a couple tries to get something I was happy with. (1-21-2010)

The first tuning was done on February 16th and I think all went well 1 wire broke and it couldn't be brought all the way to pitch but all in all I think it went OK.

After I get the hammers reshaped then I am going to try regulating the action. I have since decided that new hammers are in order, so I will be buying new hammers as soon as I can and the refurbishing the action.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
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